Back in the studio after a 3 week break and I don’t mean to insult all clever canines, but the commission I’ve been working on is a dog!
Hah! There it is, said out loud.

So I rename it a colourful, textured underpainting and am going about reworking the areas that are truly howling. It’s always good to step away from something for a while, but I know the following quote by Robert Hughes really helped me reflect and redefine the species of this painting.

“… no painting, that’s of any quality, is very easy to understand because the function of a painting is to always expand one’s experience. So if it were easy to understand then it would fall within what you already know.”

Even though I don’t work in abstraction there is already a 20cm x 40cm area in it’s 2m expanse that I’m happy with. An area that I don’t really understand, that I don’t need to explain, but that is helping me view the rest of the piece in a different way. Hopefully it won’t send me barking mad.



One thought on “Woof

  1. Update: reducing colour, reducing finicky detail. Big brush out. Lots of coffee on board. So much so, that I’m commenting to myself :-]

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