Flower spike dance, Monto

142_AWFlower spike dance, Monto  2014  Gouache, titanium white acrylic, pastel on 640gsm Arches paper 138_AW

I paid a little visit to the new Grass Tree site this week to help finish off this drawing for a local art prize. I don’t actually think it’s prize worthy as this is really just some fun play at the start of a new series, but I really wanted to participate as it’s a great show. This hillside of extraordinary trees is a 1 hour drive from home and I’m a bit taken with it, though I must confess to constantly looking out for snakes as I bumble around in the dry grasses. 140_AW

The trees were in heavy flower—with their enormous flower spikes poking skyward, covered in tiny blossoms and bees—so I came home and made some blossom marks on  watery gouache to use as collage. 141_AWNot sure it’s successful yet, but will be fun to explore further.

And recently the Nearest became gainfully employed at a place that digs up titanium dioxide —the essential for Titanium White—so you may be seeing a lot of obvious links to come and a lot of Titanium White in use! 139_AW


4 thoughts on “Flower spike dance, Monto

  1. I LOVE THIS PIECE. Wow, unusual trees for those of us who’ve not been down under.

  2. Looks like the place we found on our road wanderings last year? Lovely work!

  3. I should have read down further….yep same fantastic hillside!

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