Art Tour

I had my first visit to a fantastic museum in San Antonio, Texas earlier this month.  The McNay Museum of Art is in the former colonial-style home of the founder of San Antonio’s Art League.  Lovely gardens as well.  They were hosting a special exhibition of Impressionistic art.  As the web site describes:  “Organized by the National Gallery of Art and drawing from the personal collections formed by Ailsa Mellon Bruce and her brother, Paul Mellon, and other donors to the Gallery, Intimate Impressionism is the most extensive exhibition of French impressionist and post-impressionist paintings to come to San Antonio.”   I’d seen many of these works when living in the Washington area, but there were plenty of new things that were pulled out of the vaults for this show.  Great stuff and best curatorial explanation of the Impressionists and their relationships that I’d seen in a museum.  Visit if you get the chance!  I’m looking forward to seeing another Impressionist show that opened recently in El Paso Museum of Art.

San Antonio-McNay DDS by painting-c San Antonio-McNay DDS draws-c DDS drawing-paula sketch-2nov14-crop

My girlfriend demanded a drawing at the kiddie corner associated with the exhibition, so I got my revenge with an amateurish sketch of her (from memory alone).  That will make her think twice next time!

I was able to get several Aussie fixes for my withdrawal symptoms during the same visit to San Antonio.  There was an Aussie bakery/cafe near another museum and plenty of bush critters at the 100-year old zoo.

San Antonio-aussie bakery info-c San Antonio-zoo black swan ripples-e San Antonio-zoo lori portrait-e San Antonio-zoo roo pretzel-e


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