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Mates, the WBHD artwork in my collection is now all on display in my home, following various contributions to the local economy via the framers.  Trevor’s bowl is the sole exception, but it made it as far as my mom’s home in NY via Murray and Sheryl Davis’s luggage.  It was too fragile to tour North America with them, so awaits my next visit back to mum to collect.  Given the large number of things I brought home from the past year’s travels, and collected locally, I needed to do a lot of shuffling and cramming to get it up on the walls.  I probably sent much of this to you via email, but here goes for the blog.

Living Room-west wall with nudes-e Carey corner sun-eLR-boabab nut on stand-e

The living room houses (from left) my now-framed “Sunrise, Honeymoon Bay” watercolor, which I shared with you in Bundy; Sue Hutton’s “After the Plunge Into Cold Water Creek” (above a watercolor nude by a Dutch artist I collected on recent Europe trip); Christine Turner’s “Sonya Immersed” dominates the room and positively glows in the morning light; the model, Sonya Holt of Bundaberg, did the small painting just to the upper right, titled “Heavenly Breasted”.  I’ve hung Carey Crane’s “Waiting for Sir Richard” in the southeast corner, under my own watercolor of local onion fields.  The vintage Aboriginal incised baobab nut on my own painted stand sits on the mantle.

Guest BR-trading cards close flash-c

Sonya Holt has two more of her trading card paintings/collages hung in the guest room.  “The Sperm Guys!” (top) and “Space Relay Team” (bottom) bracket Marlies Oakley’s “Art Revolution.”  These were all part of the trading card exhibition “Four Artists 1000 Ideas” organized by Marlies in Bundy during my Residency last year.

BR Jenny area-e MBR-artwork in corner-f MBR-Aussie artwork lamps-f MBR-Aussie artwork wall-f MBR-Aussie artwork wall2-f

From my bed I get to enjoy a wide mix of works surrounding my TV.  Adrienne William’s “Bottle Trees and Bales” is at upper left.  The sister gouache “Fire on the Mt. Perry Road” is to the right of Jenny Gilbertson’s powerful oil of the “Bungle Bungles.”  Jenny’s “Slip” joins the other Fallen Leaves series painting that was given to me years ago (and led to my whole move to Las Cruces and WBHD participation).  These two small works hang above Jenny’s ceramic “Banksia Lantern 3” that I was able to rewire for US voltage.  Above the African mask at upper left is another trading card from Sonya Holt, “Voodoo” with an African mask itself as the focus of the collage.

Dave's studio art display 2014-f Dave's studio art display2 2014-f

Sue Hutton’s “The Watcher in the Landscape” dominates my studio wall and brings lovely color into the room.

Kitchen-nook cabinet wall 2014-f Kitchen-nook Jenny paintings-f

Jenny’s two gouache paintings of Southwest Indian basket designs hang in my kitchen nook near a basket by the same tribal group. They fit well with the numerous other Native American pots and artworks nearby.

Bath-NE corner 2014-f Nolan Winkler print in Bath-f

Just inside the bathroom door is a still-life print “A Mixed Bunch” by Fiona Joy Hawkins, famous Aussie new-Age musician and friend.  Fiona has several of my watercolors and gave me this print when I visited her in NSW last year.  I’ll be having lunch and enjoying a concert with Fiona and fellow Australian musician Trysette Loosemore in Albuquerque on Wednesday, as part of their 2014 US tour.  Also in the bath is a print by Nolan Winkler of “Two Palms” that I got during one of our WBHD luncheons at Nolan’s home.

Various other works collected from my time in Bundy are already in my kid’s collections or will surprise them this Xmas.  These include a possum drawing by Carmel Birchley and a cockatoo scratchboard by Debby Talan, as well as three animal themed trading cards by Marlies Oakley.

Carmel Birchley-drawing-possum mum-2013-crop Debby Talan-scratchboard-Yellow Black Cockatoo-c Marlies Oakley-trading card-zebra spirit-c Marlies Oakley-two dingos framed-e

So I’ll be surrounded by memories of WBHD for years to come.  Thank you all for your contributions!


2 thoughts on “WBHD collection

  1. Sue’s work in your studio is stunning. Brings that wall to life.

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