Somebody asked me the other day…..

…..what I had been up to. And I couldn’t remember for a while because I am busy planning my future escapades. But it’s coming back to me now….not in any particular order!!

Enter two local art awards…no prizes.
Enter a National photo award….expecting ‘no prizes’
Enter Woodgate Arts in Spring….Sold one framed drawing.


Three photoshoots….one being of the beautiful Roana from BRAG.

Interview with two French documentary film makers. (More on this soon.)

Conducted a digital workshop for the BRIDGES lovely people. Helped hang and take down their ‘Express Yourself’ exhibition.

Attend opening of ‘Living Change’ touring show that I am part of after winning the Digital Art Award (that I blogged about last year.) Messed up the last line of my poem after my floor talk! Dang!!

Delivered a carload of biscuit tins to BRAG for their wonderful ‘Collectamania’ exhibition. And pick up.

Didn’t mess up my ABC interview with David Dowsett!

Packed and took over 1000 biscuit tins to install as a 5m sq ‘Lifescape’on the floor of Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough.(Couldn’t have done that without Susan and Peter Hutton).

Prepare application for WBHD 2

Received the wonderful news from the State Library of Qld, that my ‘Christine Turner’s Art Blog’ has been selected for inclusion in the PANDORA archive, Australia’s web archive…allowing public access in perpetuity.

Assist in setting up opening of ‘Soul Journey Art Gala’ at my Dirty Linen Artspace. Press releases etc.

Prepare for upcoming Folio Art Market at Dirty Linen in a couple of weeks.

Meet with Creative Regions tomorrow for a significant Place Activation project I have been chosen to take part in.

Finish my large graphite work, one good large acrylic figure study, several digital images and commence a video for a possible projection in December.

And that is only October and November, and is  all I can remember. No wonder people say, ‘Oh, we haven’t seen you in a while.’ cx


4 thoughts on “Somebody asked me the other day…..

  1. Oh Chris, it was so great to read through all of this. Hmmmm, makes me think I should do a list as I feel like I’m not quite sure where this year went. I did at least update my website and put a new album of 2014 works, but it doesn’t feel like much work completed.
    Well done, you are pumping.

  2. And, congratulations on the AMAZING news about your blog. You are one hardworking artist.

  3. Yes, you must write a list. I feel you would get quite a surprise! Now I know why I feel tired all the time! Ha! You would have to add making strawberry jam to the list! Yours is the best! And goodness, you have produced so much fantastic work this year. Congrats! And have you enjoyed the Lloyd Rees book? Catch up soon hey? C x. Thanks for kind words!

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