Wide Bay – High Desert II

Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and Unsettled Gallery are very pleased to announce that Wide Bay – High Desert is back and with a new exhibition planned to open in late August. This second instalment of an exchange of ideas, artworks and artists has been a  wonderful conversation to follow via this blog site. So we are all looking forward to hearing from all the artists as they prepare, create and share in 2015.

We are very pleased to announce some new artists to the exhibition this year and we would like to welcome to the project: Jacklyn St Auburn, Jean Wilkey, Alexander Eulert, Virginia Maria Romero, Jo Rango, Marlies Oakley and Ariella Anderson to the project.

We also hope to continue to hear form our past exhibitors Carey, Dave and Peggy. And a warm welcome back to Adrienne, Sue, Chris and Trevor.

Well I think I will keep this blog short,  as unfortunately we are facing a day of uncertainty here in Queensland with a cyclone bearing down on our region, so stay safe everyone in the Wide Bay.




5 thoughts on “Wide Bay – High Desert II

  1. Hip Hip Hooray, thanks to Trudie, Jenny and Catherine for embarking on another WBHD project. I’m sure the Wide-Bayers (which sounds a bit wolverine) will blog as soon as this cyclone passes!

  2. Thanks for setting me up on the blog, Trudie. I am still learning how to use it but will start sharing my thoughts and process as soon as I get a hang of it. Hope the cyclone goes easy over beautiful Queensland.

  3. Congratulations all. Gladdening to see WBHD underway again. It was an edifying experience for me and I made new friends for life. All best in the new venture. Carey

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