Getting started

Las Cruces beginning                                                                 I just started putting the base coat down for the four works. I am planning the two pieces for Australia to be 24 x 18″ and the two for Las Cruces 36 x 24″. One redish and one clay and blueish for each exhibit.


3 thoughts on “Getting started

  1. I work with Latex paint (house paint), acrylics and metal leaf. The red you see is latex. Just added the leaf and am waiting for it to change. My process involves a sort of unexpected change in the layers of leaf; I subject it to different treatments but, just like with certain glazes in ceramics, every time I am faced with a new pattern, which adds spontaneity to the whole work. To make things even more chaotic (in the fun meaning of the word), the change in the leaf depends highly on the weather, levels of humidity, heat/ cold, etc. I tend to achieve different colors and patterns according to the season–which in this weather of extremes means pretty drastic differences. Let’s see what happens with the leaf in these pieces. I will keep you posted.

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