Hello to all from Ariella

Much like Alex it is a very new experience for me too, I am happiest in my studio doing some work- but will try to see what is it like talking about it and sharing it with my fellow artists here in the wide Bay and in far away land.
Greeting to all participating artists- it should be a fun ride!! looking forward meeting you all !!!


6 thoughts on “Hello to all from Ariella

  1. Can someone let me know if it is out-there ? I think it should be, if you can see it too than it is all good !!!

  2. Hiya, yes I can see you from Mt Perry, Ariella!

    For the new bloggers, don’t forget to click ‘Follow’ on the blog site, when you do that an email comes to you when your post or someone else’s post has been uploaded. I didn’t know this when we first started back on #1 and bumbled along for some weeks without having opted to follow it.

  3. Thank you all for your reply, great news !!!
    Adrienne thanks for the tip, I could use a tutorial on this “thing”…but will give it a go anyway.
    Alex, I see you are a desert-man, I used to live in the desert for many years and I do miss it now !! That’s what started my love affair with Clay- trying to rebuild these views I missed so much.
    Good-night from Bargara, great ocean breeze.

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