Chris & Painting

Well, I have started a few small paintings about A4 size.  I use acrylics as I am rather impatient and want things to happen quickly.  When I am working well, the images can come quite easily and very fast.  I like to get in that zone.  Attached is the best of the works I have produced this week.


This painting is of a Spanish girl and her chihuahua.  Velazquez ‘Las Meninas ‘ has been an influence  on some of the recent small works I have been making.  I love that painting…there is just so much happening.

I am currently reading ‘The Kachina and the Cross’ ,  which focuses on ‘the interaction of Spaniards and native peoples in New Mexico’.  Written by Carroll L. Riley, it is a very interesting book, but I will have to get back to my Aussie resources soon.  C x


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