More painting

I have roughed out  a painting design that gives me the a positive feeling.  The canvas is 150cm sq…my favourite size .  The design has been painted over an old collage and this is giving it an interesting surface.  I am using acrylics and often dry the paints even faster, with my hairdryer.   So impatient!  If this


design works, you will see more of the stages to come as the work develops.

Well it’s the evening of day one for this work and it has survived.  I have been using various old plastic place mats as stencils and they add a richness to the surface of the canvas that is quite appealing.

I spent much of the afternoon trying to get the face right and happily, the face and figure have developed to my satisfaction.  I painted the girls dress black and will try to pick up some of the textures from the old collaged canvas support.

I  cant help thinking of Marc Ryden’s ‘Creatrix’ when I paint full skirts like this. His attention to detail is particulary special.  He captures the beauty and luminescence of the fabrics he depicts.  Amongst other things!

I think it must be essential to paint in oils to achieve the quality of the blending apparent in his work.

Anyway, back to the job at hand.  Talk art soon!  C x



4 thoughts on “More painting

  1. I’m guessing you meant 150cm sq., right? ha. Looking good. So far my two pieces going to Bundaberg will be 122cm x 48cm….rolled canvases…no stretching needed….easy and inexpensive (relatively speaking) to ship. This is going to be a fun show. Again.

  2. Oh Nolan, Thanks for noticing that. I have corrected it now. I am not sure if this one will be in the show in NM. I would like to send small works on paper, keeping costs down. You have come a long way with your blogging skills haven’t you? Bit of an expert now hey?
    Good for you. C x

  3. This is so delicious Chris, I love her expression. Love that you’re making it dry faster… this would make dipping into oil paints a bit like torture for you :-] but if you’d like to come out and try some here you’re so welcome. But with oils you get used to working in the wet so much that it’s like torture when I can’t move something around in the same session. Really looking forward to seeing where these works take you.

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