OK, back at it for Wide Bay/High Desert

Being one of the high desert artists…living in what I refer to as nowhere, New Mexico (actually, Hillsboro, NM), I am back at the blog. Fun to read all you’ve posted in the past week.

I have begun the first painting to send to Bundaberg. It is about witching for water. DESERT WITCHING is the title. My husband taught me how to witch for water with willow sticks so we’ve witched for three wells in our high desert area. We live 5,300′ high in our semi arid foothills of the Black Range Mts. They are the southernmost part of the Rocky Mts. So, last year my work in the exhibition dealt with water issues and here I am again. This time only this one is specifically about water. Maybe a bit will slide into the next, too, as it is a constant concern here. This painting is 48 x 18 inches and it will have via two grommets at the top. And they will be rolled in a tube to ship….SO much less expensive than flat work.

Here she is: DESERT WITCHING.witching for water


2 thoughts on “OK, back at it for Wide Bay/High Desert

  1. Replying to my own post … guess who is now finished with all four pieces for the exhibits? YES! But for mounting a couple. Happy clam am I!

  2. That’s great Nolan. The one above is beautiful as always. My canvas is near to finished now. It has gone through a number of drastic changes. I am not sure if it will make it for the show though. Cx

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