Residency for Adrienne and Marlies

I spoke briefly with Catherine last night about plans for putting a roof over Adrienne and Marlies while they are here in Cruces.  It sounds like there may be an apartment in the works, but regardless I offered up my home as well.  It sounds like there will be portions of the residency where each of you are here solo, as well as an overlap period.  I can certainly handle one visitor at a time.  As Adrienne knows from last time, the place comes with studio, bike, and car for use, not to mention obnoxious tour guide.  You would have to suffer looking at your own art on my walls, however, so that is a drawback.  I hope to have the back garden complete by then, if not you can help move some rock and gravel for your keep.


2 thoughts on “Residency for Adrienne and Marlies

  1. Dave….what a guy. Bravo. For the overlap time, it sounds great. I live so far from Las Cruces… smiles. Adrienne, at least, will be spending a few days or a week out here in nowhere, New Mexico, too. This will be another fun time for us all.

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