Some easy blog tips

Hellooooo. Hope this is helpful to the new bloggers. Below are some screen images to help navigate some of the editing features in WordPress. I’ll keep it super simple for this post and show how to move from the ‘Quick Draft’ screen to the ‘Edit Post’ screen, where you have more options to (a) edit your text, (b) position your photos, and how to (c) add links to other websites. 04AWBlogTute_01

When you log in you should get a dashboard page (see left) with a Quick Draft area (circled in red)? Click in the heading line and type in your heading (1), then click in the body text area and type a few words (2), don’t worry about doing your whole post here, it’s clunky. 05AWBlogTute_02

Now click ‘Save Draft’ (3). Notice your post text disappears and the is now under the ‘Save Draft’ button in a list of ‘Drafts’ (4). (see right) Click on the draft and it will come up in a new window that’s much easier to navigate and has lots of tricky text editing features.

In the image below (5) is the button for adding in your images, (6) is for making bold or italicised texts, (7) is the general text and photo area and much easier to use than Quick Draft. And (8) is the publish button. You can keep this draft saved without publishing if you need to leave it to make art instead of blogging :-] 06AWBlogTute_03

In this post of mine you can click on the images and they will open up large in a separate window, but not override your primary browser window, and you’ll notice the images are positioned left and right and centred and the text wraps around. If it helps I can do a little post on how to do this too, and how to build in web links.

This is not only me being a design nerd, haha, but when articles are pleasing on the eye they have higher reader numbers and people stick with following the blogs. And an interesting and good looking post is a great tool to email to your gallery for publicity, or your family to make ’em proud :-]


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