Blue Desert


I just finished my first piece (or might have finished it). It is called ‘Blue Desert’ and is for Queensland. Here’s a photo. More soon!

Blue Desert


8 thoughts on “Blue Desert

  1. Thanks Roana! Glad you like it. Will post more soon as things progress with the other works.

  2. You must have good intuition, my pieces photograph horribly and look much better in person. Will you be in Queensland for the show? Or Las Cruces? Getting excited about the trip yet? If you plan to visit Santa Fe, I would be very happy to have you and Marlies over for a meal (it is about 20 min. from the center, in a little rural area called Lamy).

  3. Thanks Alex, that’s really generous and would be great to learn more about Lamy. The piece looks stunning in the photo!
    We are still in planning stage but I hope to be there in LC for the opening and Marlies for the closing, and hopefully cross over and work together in the middle.
    And yes, excited about the trip and mildly crazed about the 3 shows I’m painting before I can leave. Haha. Little bit fun.

  4. Ah, Alex. So happy my work won’t be the only abstract pieces in the exhibit. And I LIKE this piece. Would be nice to know size and media. Remember how pricey it is to ship work to/from Australia. I’ve done two canvasses that I can roll into a short tube. Will hang unstretched.
    Adrienne….Lamy is fantastic. If Winkler and I ever went back toward SFe, Lamy would be in our minds. Secluded and quiet. We take our bikes there to start from the rail station out onto the road to Madrid when weather permits (and we’re in SFe housesitting for the kids). Try to get there.

  5. Thanks, Nolan. Because I paint on boards with latex, acrylics and metal leaf, I cannot roll them to save on shipping. So I had to downsize instead. The two pieces for Queensland will be 24 x 18″ and the two for Las Cruces will be 36 x 24″ (which is my most common size). All are 2 ” cradled.
    If you like the Lamy area, of course you are welcome to come visit as well…maybe you can arrange to come with the two Aussie ambassadors?We could all share a meal outside, it’s a great time of the year to visit.
    I like your work and I’m also happy that they’ll be other abstracts in the show. It looks like the subject matter of desert and water runs parallel in our work. ‘Desert Witching’ reminds me of my father, who witches with plum shoots dried into an open sort of ‘U’ shape–with success. So I guess that means I can’t witch for wells, because I hear it skips a generation.

  6. ha, we witch with black willow sticks in the shape of a V, so we hold onto the two ‘handles’ and go for it. Yep, water, water, water.

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