I forgot to mention yesterday that until WBHD1 Snr Close had not been on my radar. When Carey Crane from 1 shared the book ‘In the Painters Studio‘ I ordered it and enjoyed it so much – reading about other artists days and processes.

I loved this quote I saw in a video in the exhibition yesterday: “Painting was dead. I’ve been around long enough for painting to be dead three or four times. When painting is dead it’s the best time to paint”. Hah! Isn’t that great?

Pic at the top is an amazing mezzotint. I had time yesterday to read the full story, written by the printmaker, of the fraught time they had making this print during 2 months full time work.

And I did some sketching of grass trees in the shade of the Sydney Botanic Gardens yesterday and found this hilariously cliched icons shot – grass trees with mad flower spikes, Opera House, and Harbour Bridge!


And small scribble from a park bench. Attempts to find the right language for these plants.



One thought on “Exchange

  1. Gorgeous scribble ….and the Opera House shot is a classic! C x

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