Nothing New?

After a few technical difficulties I now seem to be able to start blogging.

The last few weeks were fairly hectic with the opening of my solo exhibition “Nothing New?” at the Regional Art Gallery in Bundaberg.  My exhibition features 22 iconic images, portraying well-known figures from popular culture, history, music, fiction and the arts. Each artwork is produced by using used postage stamps to form a stylised image, with each image containing at least 3000 stamps, individually hand cut to shape! All in all it took me 18 months to put the exhibition together…as you can imagine it involved lots of soaking, sorting, cutting and glueing :-), but well worth it! And best of all, one of the portraits “Frida” has sold – my first red dot and the money goes towards my New Mexico fund 🙂 As you might have guessed, I love collage, repetition and anything pop.

Now with the exhibition well under way I can concentrate on my artworks for Wide Bay High Desert. Lots of ideas in my head, but that’s for the next blog 🙂

Exhibition shot at BRAG March 2015

Exhibition shot at BRAG March 2015

Marilyn 2015

Marilyn 2015

Frida 2015

Frida 2015


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