Back in Mt Perry via New Mexico, New South Wales

It’s nearly 3 weeks since I’ve been in the studio and so a pretty intense period is ahead with a few real deadlines that make the voice in my head go up a few octaves to a near squeak!

Today has been a tidying day, paperwork, computer work, lining the ducks up in a row (do you use that expression in the US?).


I think I used to worry (tho’ not too much) that it was some kind of immature creative avoidance strategy but after many years of it I now see it’s a way of clearing out major distractions and setting up for a big chunk of studio time. And it works every time. When in Sydney I visited the cactus garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens and said hello to some New Mexican friends.

08AWGTspikeAnd the homecoming was pretty special too as the only Grass Tree I have planted in our yard has pumped out a 2m high (6ft) flower spike, and a second tiny one alongside. At this stage of blossom emergence birds of all sizes cling to it’s swaying spike and enjoy the honey.

Back to the clearing now, and really quite excited about returning to the art making tomorrow with some fresh canvasses waiting. Squeak.



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