Scribble, scratch.

I usually do some sketching around a new subject and so have been scribbling and scratching away in all sorts of mediums lately including biro on crumpled note paper from under the car seat. I finished these two little pieces this week and am now prepping some bases for small paintings. These go up on the scribble wall and sometimes end up framed and on show. 012AWGTorangesketchesThese base colours relate to ‘orange’ protected zones on individual properties via their regional ecosystem maps. White zones on the maps represent open use for growing foods and timbers. I’m interested in continuing with this reference and see where it goes. Oil bases are yellow ochre and Australian Red Gold with #1 medium, a really thin and quick drying medium so hopefully layer 2 can start today.


3 thoughts on “Scribble, scratch.

  1. Adrienne, I really like the direction your work is taking. I am interested in the way Nature is managed (or let be) across cultures and time, one of the foundations of civilization and an on-going theme in my own work. I am very curious about what will come next as you continue to explore these areas.

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