Midnight Fields

I just finished my second piece for WBHDII. It’s intended for Las Cruces. I will continue working on the red smaller piece for Queensland and post when ready. Have been quite busy preparing for my solo show at Matrix Fine Art (Albuquerque) in September, and keeping up with demand for all the fairs. I did really well this last weekend in NYC and am now rushing to make enough pieces for the Hong Kong fair coming up in May.

Midnight Fields 36″ x 24″ Acrylic, latex and metal leaf on panel.

4 thoughts on “Midnight Fields

  1. Mmm. Can’t wait to see that up close. Really enjoyed seeing Christine’s large paintings yesterday. So good. How do the fairs work in the US? I know here the Gallery Representatives take artists’ work to fairs, in country and internationally. Is it the same there?

  2. Yes, in my experience it works the same here as there. All the fairs my work has been shown at have been with gallery representation. It has been quite a rewarding experience. It is always exciting to think of my work in front of such diverse audiences. Certainly looking forward to showing in Queensland.

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