The clichés of isolation

Digging deep, reaching out. Such corny clichés but also the reality of working in isolation and working isolated. Being able to connect via this blog was a really important part of my year in 2013 and I plan to stay connected again this year too.014AWGTandSunday

This is home, end of summer, grass tree spike in garden near the studio, a regular blue sky. A bit like Las Cruces in that regard. I am between 100km and 200km away from the other WB artists but I do have to head their way quite a bit for food and part time work.

015AWGTAprilSo I do feel total isolation at times, but not in a sad way, more in a ‘professional’ way. On the last project I learned so many interesting tidbits about materials, techniques, artists and authors I’d never heard about. I was sated and enriched. That was a pretty special outcome – for someone who is isolated to feel less isolated.

This little piece has come off the sketch from a few days ago. The lighter area is a paddock of ‘white zone’ with ghosts of old trees and mostly of the ‘healthy’ grass trees are outside the zone. Just mark-making really, enjoying the palette and the small size. 500mm x 500mm (20″ x 20″)

016AWGTButterflyMost days I’m here with our dog, the studio companion. She’s a good listener though listening can look a lot like snoozing. And today we had a butterfly visit the grass tree flower spike. That was pretty nice :-]


4 thoughts on “The clichés of isolation

  1. I wish I would be a bit more isolated, then I could get more done 🙂 Work/life gets in the way but most of the time I am in my own way. I do miss bouncing off ideas with fellow artists as there are not that many in Bundy who think the way I do and can help when I feel stuck. Self doubt creeps in far too often. Thank God, you are only 100km away and can give my a kick up my backside when I feel like this. So, all good!

  2. We all get stuck hey, self doubt is part of it all, I think for all. Someone excellent said to me ‘just keep moving’. Of course I forget that plenty of times. And get stuck. And then I drive the 100km :-]

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