The Ideas keep coming

It has been a while but I needed to get all the ideas in my head sorted and then I saw something else which inspired me and I had to start again…..and I do get easily excited 🙂

In the meantime I did all my skull drawings. I know I want to include collage elements (because that’s what I loooove), my drawings of the skulls which then will be covered in rhinestones a la Damien Hurst, add some stencils (which I will develop from my skull drawings) and hand cut stamps (smallest size possible) from my drawings which could fill up a skull instead of the rhinestones (lots and lots of overlapping images). To finish my artworks off I want to do ink drawings of the animals on the collage. I hope you can follow me? Oh, and what about the stitching I want to add?

Still not quite sure whether to use canvas or watercolour paper, and what size…decisions, decisions.

I am now searching for additional collage material.  I do have a lot, but one can never have enough flowery wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc.

First test piece

First test piece. See what works, sticks,….quite big on stretched canvas

Page in Project book

Page in Project book – Koala

Project Book Dingo

Project Book – Dingo

Project Book Emu

Project Book – Emu


3 thoughts on “The Ideas keep coming

  1. People, I’ve seen the project book. It’s fantastic.
    M, maybe you can start one small piece on canvas, one small one on paper and really hook in and see what’s working? I imagine a short way in you’d get a feel for what surface was best and then could start a larger piece?

  2. All this sounds so interesting, Marlies. Thanks for sharing. Buona fortuna! LOTS to think about.

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