Recently on a trip to a big city art store I bought myself a couple of oil sticks. Hadn’t used them in years so it felt like a fun experiment. Yesterday A Most Excellent Friend gave me a box of oil sticks she no longer used so the experimenting has real legs now.

Does anyone else use them? Any particular ways you enjoy using them? Would love to hear from you. Or do you have another favourite tool?

Sidebar: I also visited Christine at her studio yesterday and seeing her new big works up close was so great. I seriously wanted to feed her more pink bubbles and sneak a couple into my car but had only taken the small vehicle. Chris, be warned, if you see the big Land Rover pull up outside… They are beautiful pieces :-]



3 thoughts on “Sticky

  1. I love oil sticks. Have a bunch and haven’t used them in a few years. May trot them out again. Thanks for the kick in the arse!

  2. Oooh I had a great time with them last night on the top of some paintings. That video I posted was good in that I would never have known you could work them up into being so fluid, due to the wax content. Art shop in Sydney also said that I have to take care to use them in the top layers of oil painting, not in the lower layers where I usually have mediums.

    Another video I watched commented that they’re excellent for plein air as you don’t need any solvents or mediums so that has definitely got me thinking for the next plein air jaunt.

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