hey, bloggers

I am glad to see the blog picking up. Adrienne, you’re an old timer at this now and doing fabulously at keeping us informed. I’d love to hear a few more personal tidbits from the newer additions to this exhibit. I see your art, but it would be fun to get to know YOU a bit, too. Tell us about other endeavors you’re into…. Me? I’m a cyclist and a tennis player and a weed puller (our property only)…. Not enough time in the studio is a constant.

I’ll add a couple of pix here. First is a room in a Truth or Consequences, New Mexico hot water motel: Riverbend, on the Rio Grande. They have a few rooms they refer to as their Artist Rooms and asked me to put up a few pieces (for sale, of course). So I put up older pieces that I thought would be more appreciated by the general public (rather than my abstract circles). Still love this old work so I’m pleased to show it.11046724_10152827188423661_5962213053781203726_n

Next is a painting I pulled off the net….tennis! haha. Having a knee problem at the moment so off my game for a few more weeks. Dang. 10550074_1086412294721209_8450234563414022897_o


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