‘M” stands for Marlies

Well, what’s there to tell about me? Since I moved to Australia in 2001 my life was pretty much art free but that all changed when I stepped of the plane in Sydney in June 2001. Well, not immediately, but pretty much soon after. Three years at the School of Colour and Design followed by numerous art workshops and finally Phil, my hubby suggested, I should get a degree and do it “properly”. Which I did. From 2007-2010 I went to the National Art School in Sydney. The beginning of the best time of my life! After I graduated, Phil and I moved to Bundy and bought the local Art Shop (Art Plus). Hubby basically bought me a candy store! How can you not be excited to go and play, I mean go to “work” everyday? I run and organise workshops for kids and adults, plus we do picture framing. I am very lucky in that I have two studios to play in – one at work and one at home. The one at home doubles up as a guest room especially for Adrienne and Sunday when they come to stay with us.

Studio at work

Studio at work

Studio at work

Studio at work

Studio/Guest Room at home

Studio/Guest Room at home


Apart from being creative I have to admit I do have a love affair with books. No book store is save from me, I can’t resist second hand book shops or book fairs. Don’t know when I will read them all, but I do work my way through them slowly. In the 2013 flood I lost all my art books, but in the meantime I well and truly have replaced them all and then some more 🙂

What I absolutely don’t like is spending time in the kitchen and here I mean cooking. In the 14 years I have been married to Phil I think I cooked him – how many meals? -mmmmm, two?  I do appreciate good food though and Phil is a great cook! I am very lucky. So, guys, sorry, but don’t expect any great dinner parties from me. I am the Queen of Pot Noodles!

Before I bore you all too death, here’s a final tip from me. Be careful what you paint. It can always come true 🙂

Blog again soon…..

Portrait of me and hubby Phil

Portrait of me and hubby Phil

Phil's surprise for me

Phil’s surprise for me 🙂


4 thoughts on “‘M” stands for Marlies

  1. Me, too, re: BOOKS. No TV (gave up satellite about 6 years ago and went back to reading. I’m a complete vidiot if given the opportunity.
    Agree with Adrienne….MOST EXCELLENT HAIR and wish I was brave enough to pull off something similar. Apricot would be my color of choice. Saw a young man with apricot dyed hair and had to stop him in the street to ooooooh and aaaaah. Blue? GOOD choice.
    Love your space, too. Conducive to lots of colorful work. Thanks for sharing with us, M! By the way, I WAS an ‘M’ too….for Maurianna, but when I got married it seemed easier to take husband’s name…didn’t want 3 (Maurianna Nolan Winkler) so dropped my M word and used my maiden name as first. Doesn’t help gallerists and art consultants keep track of you. Advice to all….just keep your name, whatever it may be, haha.

  2. Off to the hairdresser tomorrow myself. Still havent decided on a colour yet, but won’t be blue. I’d love silver white hair with a bit of black. Mmmm you’ll have to wait and be surprised 🙂

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