beginingtableHello everyone, I’m on the blog at last, sorry I’ve been so long getting there… good to be back again with friends and meeting the new artists. Have decided to do some encaustic paintings for WBHD 2, made a start with the same earthy red tones of the Childers landscape that I used in the first exh. Am just layering wax and paper getting some texture going and next will start drawing some images into the wax.


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  1. Great to have you back on the blog. Looking forward to seeing your encaustic works. C x

  2. Wow, I’ve been considering just plain transparent (white?) encaustic as a final layer on new pieces but, geez, what a mess it is, right? haha. I make messes and never clean them up so will probably stay away from the wax. Having said that, I’m loving what’s going on in YOUR studio, Susan.

  3. Hi Nolan .. yes this encaustic is sos o messy .. I’m scrapping a lot of wax back off the wood in the process of getting my head around how to control it. There’ve been quite a few uh ho make the most of the mistakes moments especially with the heat gun!

  4. and So glad your with us for wdhd2 looking forward to seeing your work in Childers

  5. Totally agree with the difficulty of controlling the heat gun Sue 😎 I’ve been working on a few encaustic pieces and I can’t seem to get the knack of exactly how much heat to apply; keep either melting everything so it flows off, or not hot enough and only partially melt the wax!

  6. Yes it’s so tricky heh, I’ve taken to printing drawings on Japanese tissue and embedding that into the wax to avoid having a delicate drawing dissolve into a muddled mess in a split second under the heat gun. But do love the look of an incised line filled with oil paint.
    Was a bit obsessed with getting a smooth surface but now working with the texture In the wax and leaving the quest for the flawless smooth surface for later in my encaustic life

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