Calling Alexander Eulert….

I just read about you in the ‘Meet the Artists’ section. Fire? Yikes. I was reared in Los Angeles then Torrance. When in college, I moved to Agoura…Malibou Lakeside to be exact. Lived there for almost 20 years and still go back to housesit an artist neighbor, Gwynn Murrill’s place (lived next door to her for years out there). We go to Lamy a few times a year to start our bicycle jaunts when visiting kids in Santa Fe. And I am a supporter of the NO OIL IN LAMY protest. Hope you all get that settled your favor, of course.

I’ll be in a show at the Wheelhouse Art gallery in May (behind the Cocteau Theatre in railyard district…at edge of, haha). Would love for you to hit the opening or at least get to the show to see it when you’re in town.

7 thoughts on “Calling Alexander Eulert….

  1. Hello Nolan,
    I would love to come to your show, when is opening night? My wife Juliana and I will be there.
    I was born in San Diego, my parents divorced when I was three so every weekend I would spend at my dad’s farm in Ramona, and during the weeks I stayed in Mission Hills with my mother. My father is a Hippie poet and Literature Professor who built the home with his own hands and made me pump kerosene lamps for light. My mother is a Romanian theater actress who still lives in San Diego.
    When I met my wife in Zurich in 2000 we moved together to Cambridge UK, then London, to finish our studies ( me art and her medicine). We just had our 14th wedding anniversary. After five years in the UK we moved to Southern California and I bought a piece of land, fifteen acres, on a windy hill, about three miles from my father’s valley. It took us two hard years to remodel the place ( which was a wreck) and establish my studio and the minute we were finished the witch creek fire swept it all into a pile two inches high. It took my father’s hand built hippie place as well.
    I designed and rebuilt the home and now it is rented to our good friends who also lost their home ( they were next door neighbors). You can check it out if you want: 18905 Caesar Dr, Ramona , CA.
    I love Lamy and New Mexico in general. For the last three years I’ve been able to re-dedicate to art full time, and it’s been great.
    See you at the show,

  2. Whoa Alex! What an amazing history! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Geezo, Alex….who knew???? What a wonderful background you have to use as fodder for your work! Glad you found a place to live and work that you and your wife are happy with.
    Had to be sad re: the hard work and dreams and fire, but had to chuckle at your ‘small piece of land’ in soCA. FIFTEEN ACRES is a lot o’land in soCA. I bought/lived at Malibou Lakeside in the Santa Monica mts. on my LITTLE plot of 1/3 acre and it cost me (a free lance artist at the time) a small fortune. haha. Housesit right next door to my old home last year for two weeks and it was lovely to be back as I could hike down the back hill and be in the state park for LONG walks every HOT morning.
    Funny story on that place… When I did live there in the late 60s-’81 I was visiting Las Vegas (Elvis was performing and my seat was front and center, hands on stage, haha) there was a fire at Malibu Lake and my neighbor went to my house and ‘saved’ my painting of Elvis. That’s all! Ridiculous but sweet of her.
    As for the date of the opening at Wheelhouse….I’ll go post the invitation now.
    Again…your story is wonderful….happy, sad, happy, sad, happy….LIFE. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing story Alex, thanks for telling it. Can’t even imagine…
    I just looked up Lamy and it’s even smaller than my Mt Perry, though closer to a big centre. When in NM 2 years ago I got to SF after I’d left the High Deserters in Las Cruces. Look forward to returning and asking ‘what?’, ‘how?’, with reference to Canyon Road and surrounds. Quite mind-blowing to this lil Aussie.

  5. Thanks Adrienne. I hope you have great success with your Xanthorrhea hunt!

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