Making Progress

Thought I show you quickly what I have been up to. I am slowly getting my ideas sorted in my head.

I have been using postage stamps for so long now, I had to include them at least in one piece .

Dingo Skull surrounded by flowers made out of used postage stamps

Work in progress – Dingo Skull surrounded by flowers made out of used postage stamps, 18×24″

This one is made up of tissue paper and dress making patterns. Still need to bring out the Dingo skull more.

Tissue paper collage

Tissue paper collageThis one is a big test piece – koala, kangaroo and kookaburra – acrylic, collage, rhinestones, stencils, …

This is the start of a bigger piece – koala, roo and kookaburra with acrylic, stencils, collage, rhinestones,…. Just discovered the art of Miriam Wosk! I am in love with her work.


Close up

Close up

As my exhibition is still on at BRAG, I am working on a second Frida as the first one sold πŸ™‚


Would love some feedback from you πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Looking forward to meeting you, Marlies….you have to be a ‘colorful character.’ That, or all of it comes out in your paintings and you’re really an introvert, eh? =]

  2. The dingo skull and flowers is an intriguing mix Marlies the dead dry bone of the skull and those exotic flowers, captures your attention.

  3. Hi Nolan, I am indeed a colourful introvert πŸ™‚
    Thanks, Susan for your feedback. I’ll keep working on the background and hopefully it will all come together.

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