Going bush…

After a week of working pretty solidly and not being very happy with results I think it’s time to head out amongst the flies, ticks and mosquitoes and sit with the grass trees and do some sketching.

Plein air scribbling is the thing that grounds me when I feels like I’ve lost direction on the work. I don’t think I can paint without standing in the landscape (as often as possible). And when I spend long periods of time in the studio without it, I think it shows. It’s been easy to get lazy about that since moving to Perry as the landscape is constantly in view, but it aint the same, so I’m kicking self up… etc etc… and heading out.

The grass trees are about 100km (62m) away, and it takes about 1.5 hours to get there on a lovely winding drive. The Nearest works up that way so I’ll stay overnight and we’ll head home late tomorrow with scribbles and scratchings on board. Exciting.


Close up detail of some play the other night with the oil sticks. Quite a fun medium.


2 thoughts on “Going bush…

  1. ah, Adrienne….have a fun and successful trip. Loved the facebook pix of your pup at the ready, too. I’ll be so glad to hit my studio again…not an outdoor kinda artista. Weeds call first. Dang ’em.

  2. Love small towns. Stopped at the local cafe for coffee and asked if they knew who owned the grass tree properties and lady replies “oh one’s my brother in law and one’s Judy’s uncle, I’ll get their numbers”. Not sure who Judy is, but now owners permission to traverse 🙂

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