Studio fun

Well, when I couldn’t lay my hands on one of the paintings I wanted for my almost solo (two painters) in Santa Fe, I took an old one from 2010 and updated it and wasn’t quite sure what was going on until I wrote in the gist: I don’t lie but maybe I pretend….then I had too much fun finishing it up. I admit I asked my husband in to view it and he isn’t’ a fan of it. (He prefers more recognizable subjects with my ‘stories.’) So it goes. I am. It happens now and again. This one is 24×24″ acrylic and graphite on panel. for siteMAYBE

By the way, am I the only one here who ‘loses’ paintings? Geez. I just had it in hand a few weeks ago.

Adding to this post with my last painting to go into the Santa Fe exhibit. to be delivered next week! this is another small diptych on panels…overall 8×16″

THE RED PLACEthe red place 150


7 thoughts on “Studio fun

  1. aha…a couple hours of weeding and sneaking into my studio (to turn up Future Islands music), I found that lost painting. O boy. In a different art storage place than previously searched. whew.

  2. Good luck for your show and thanks for your generous comments about my work. Greatly appreciated! C x

  3. Not really ‘generous’……FACT. =] LOVE the piece you’ve shown us.

  4. ‘I dont lie but maybe I pretend’ .. I like that Nolan .. it rings true .. When introduced as an artist and asked that awkward question ‘what sort of painting do you do’ , always find it difficult to answer, seldom answer adequately and go away pondering the question myself. Will add I don’t lie but I pretend to the little list of answers for when I ask myself that question again.
    ‘The red place’ looks a luscious place to go and a hint of danger there

  5. Why, thanks, Susan. Enjoyed your reply immensely. I really can’t even recall if I wrote that
    ‘I don’t lie but maybe I pretend’ or if I found it somewhere. I went to my ‘book’ where I write stuff and do thumbnails now and again and there it was. I didn’t note an author, so I’m guessing I wrote it a year or so ago. I look to that book for inspiration. ‘The Red Place’….think sex, please. haha. So, suppose there is always a hint of danger and fun there, eh?

  6. haha back at you. Yeah, that’s what I meant….not sex, but painting. Kinda the same in their fashion. Smiles.

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