019AWGrassWCSketchI had a day and evening at the grass tree site last weekend and abandoned the gouache for the day and played with watercolour and charcoal. It’s been a while. The minute I started walking amongst the plants I knew I needed to come back for a week, so that’s in the planning stages now.

And it was slightly ‘Beverley Hillbilly’ as I tripped over a log, got a splinter under my drawing forefinger, forgot my clips and had to use little rocks to hold down the paper, and generally bumbled around as I settled in.


021AWGrassSketchI found a new grove of more elongated plants, decades and decades of making new skirts has created this shape.

And came away with a small and a large sketch,
the latter still in the beginning stages with a ground laid down with flicks of watercolour off their leaves. Actually, I’m not sure if they’re called leaves?

I’ll revisit this big sketch on the weekend and start thinking on what surfaces the WBHD pieces might be on.



2 thoughts on “Trippy

  1. Magnificent tribe of grass trees you’ve found in their splendid skirts. The watercolour is beautiful

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