P1030720Hi to all the WBHD artists and followers, thought I had better get my act together and start the ball rolling on some work for the exhibition. Our lunch this week was a welcome distraction, thanks. great to catch up and find out what you’re all up to and a few deadlines from Trudi made me realise the little time we have left.

Interested in found objects, repurposing, and local individuals/stories for the works. Will base these all around Maryborough

I have been collecting these past few months, always on the lookout for objects that might start a dialogue and a point of reference/conversation.

Anyway nice to finally be active and look forward to being part of the project.


4 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Great news that you are getting prepared to create some works for the exhibition. Love the little portrait of you…who did you say did it? Very good likeness! Ha! c x

  2. I also love that portrait. And look forward to seeing what you create for this year’s exhibition. We love the bowl of yours we have from last year’s exhibition. Should be a varied and exciting show.

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