025AW_whitesandsLike Marlies, I’m excited to say my flights are booked! I arrive in Las Cruces on 26th August and will hopefully make sense by opening night on the 28th.

For the newer group members, I visited LC in 2013 to see the exhibition at Unsettled, be spoiled rotten by Catherine, Don, Carey, Peg, Nolan and Dave (in absentia), and soak up some of your amazing landscape and culture. I guess I really hoped I could return some day.

My proposal for the residency, and my WBHD artworks, is to explore a visual relationship between our grassy-balls-on-sticks-with-tall-flower-spikes (grass trees – aka yaccas), and the grassy-balls-on-sticks-with-tall-flower-spikes in New Mexico (yuccas). I hope to have some great plein air trips into White Sands, and into the Organ Mountains. And Marlies and I will overlap by 2 weeks in October … we will be a force to be reckoned with! Wanna go sand sliding at White Sands, Marlies? Oh, and sketching too?

Special thanks to the Regional Arts Development Fund and Arts Queensland for the grant that makes this all possible. And the vision and energy of Trudie and Jenny at BRAG.



4 thoughts on “Excitement!

  1. Adrienne and Marlies: I am glad to hear your tickets are booked! I don’t know if you will have the time, with all the projects planned, but if you want to come over to Lamy, on your visit to the Santa Fe area, perhaps we could arrange it for the time in October when you will both be here? And with any other ( or all) WBHD NM artist that would like to join us? We could set a date when we know everyone’s schedule. Let me know.

  2. Wow, all sounds great, Adrienne. You’re here for a LONG time. Good. And Alex, I’m game for a gathering in Lamy. Love that little place up there. Of course, it all ends up to big IFs. ha. We’ll probably have some sort of a luncheon when Catherine wants, down here in Hillsboro for the WBHD artists around….Glad it’s coming at long last!

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