Hi Everyone

I am very happy to be included in the Wide Bay- High Desert Exhibition. I am new to writing blogs, thus my procrastination in posting. However, despite my lack of experience in blogging, I am looking forward to participating.
The work I will be showing in this exhibition has as its subject matter objects from nature. These natural forms come from a close up view of our desert landscape. I choose objects and bring them front and center to become the subject of my paintings.
The challenge for me is creating a context for the natural forms that will allow me to personalize the imagery. Even though I paint from close observation and remain truthful to the subject matter, I also want to create meaning. For this reason I sometimes add patterns or other elements in order to enrich the context; at other times I rely upon the single object and the way it’s composed within the picture plane to do so.

This is the first painting for the exhibition.  It’s titled Pomegranates on Blue Pattern.  Oil on Panel, 8″ x 6″.

pomegranites on blue plate

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About jstaubyn

I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico which is 40 miles from the Mexican border. My paintings use natural forms as the subject matter, and although they could be described simply as still lifes, I think of them as being more like visual poems. I was fortunate to teach painting and drawing at New Mexico State University for 25 years. During this time I published a book Drawing Basics which is still in print and in its second edition. This book came directly from my experience in the classroom. Even though the book presents a method for teaching drawing, I consider the primary topic to be a way of thinking. I am now retired from teaching and spent my time in the studio. During the years I taught, I believed that there was a dynamic between teaching and drawing that allowed me to pursue both without compromise. However, now that I can devote all of my creative thoughts to my studio work, I find I am taking an all together different journey.

8 thoughts on “Hi Everyone

  1. Welcome welcome Jacklyn 😀 great to be talking with you and the piece you posted is a delight. Whenever one of the US artists posts I do a mental (and no doubt highly inaccurate) conversion from inches to try to instantly visualise the size. This one is very intimate and beautiful. And I really enjoyed reading about your challenge to self with personalisation and meaning. I feel very similarly and really appreciate you sharing that.

    I think almost all of us have been new to blogging until this project. Bizarrely I think we all got to know each other a little throughout the 2013 project, new friendships emerged. For me it was really enriching, and still is.

  2. Thanks for your welcome Adrienne. I’m glad that you could relate to what i posted. Hopefully I’ll get this down. I am looking forward to being part of the conversation and making some new friends 🙂
    And thanks for the positive feedback on the piece!

  3. Interesting words Jacklyn…..and the artwork is a little gem! Looking forward to seeing more! C x

  4. Jacklyn: Another beautiful piece. Glad you’re getting the gist of the blog and look forward to seeing and reading more. I think Catherine is going to try to get a June luncheon going for the NM artists out here at our place and hope you’ll make the trip. It’ll be warm and fun. Honest.

  5. Thanks Nolan; I’m just now seeing your comment. I hope I didn’t miss a June luncheon. I’d love to see your studio.

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