A new diptych

I finished this piece 2 days ago even though I’d told myself I’d finished it 2 weeks ago, but it just felt uncomfortable so I had to take it down from it’s high hanging space and add more paint. I’ve been pondering clearings in my compositions, and as usual, how wild places butt up against altered landscapes. This one, called Peacefully Moving Towards the Clearing, 90cm x 110cm (35″ x 43″), has been through a few repaints.

027AW_PeacefullyClearingChanges included swapping the left panel of the diptych to the right hand side! It works both ways but in the end I liked the idea that the grass trees were slowly inhabiting a clearing, and I enjoyed the area of open space in the centre (so I do like a nice clearing) and the whole piece became more peaceful. The darker lines on the ochre trunks is ‘ringbarking’, a past technique for tree clearing. The trees could be alive or dead, but without a desolate palette, you’ll never know.

The high wall is waiting to receive the finished piece again, and more small ones are on the go, with, oh, a 4 week delivery date rushing towards me. There is a mild fluttery panic going on…



4 thoughts on “A new diptych

  1. Adrienne, loving watching your working process for your exchange. Are you having a Wide bay exhibit when you return of Perry?

  2. Hi Sue, yes this project will have it’s exhibition opening on August 29 upstairs at BRAG, and I’ll be in the US for their opening. These works I’m posting are for a Red Hill opening in Brisbane on July 10, and then Jenny Gilbertson and I are doing a show at Gatakers about New Mexico that opens on Nov 6. It’s a big year ahead. Woohoo. xx

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