Small moves

029AW_PaddockPlayNot sure it’s entirely wise in the run up/count down to a show deadline, but am enjoying a little experimental play with these tall grass trees. Not finished at this stage, but maybe not far off. I always seem to have a couple of pieces that are a bit off-piste. Will just put it all down as WBHD preparation play to avoid turning my own head inside out 😀
50cm x 50cm / 19″ x 19″


4 thoughts on “Small moves

  1. Adrienne these grasstrees have jumped off your brush imbued with personality, you’ve been visiting them and now it’s as if their inhabiting your studio in this painting. They surely make you smile but there’s an uneasy feeling too.. I like em very much

  2. That’s great Susan, yes this one came so quickly which always makes me a bit nervous even though it’s exactly how I want them to come. Heee. First layer was very wet on wet with lots of medium, haven’t worked that way for a while and I loved it. Looking forward to working on it’s mate today. I have a plan for a WBHD piece using LOTS of medium in layer 1, so I phoned the medium manufacturer and asked can I use a huge ratio of medium to oils and still have stability and they said ‘go for it, that’s what they’re made for‘. Woohoo.

  3. I’m liking it. Those ‘new’ spaces of color (for abstraction purposes?) are looking wonderful.

  4. Ahuh Nolan, for abstraction (very slight) but also realistic meaning to me… paddocks of pink zone (endangered). Trying to marry a few beasts 😀 and really enjoying the process of that. It doesn’t come easy. Going to do some quick gouache sketches tomorrow for the final 3 pieces for the Bris show. Phew.

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