Santa Fe pre-opening and notes on opening

Well, here are 4 picture I took of the gallery show area pre people. show show1 show2As you can see, my work looked rather ‘feminine’ next to my pal, Bill Sortino’s ‘masculine’ pieces. Interesting, ’cause I’ve never thought of my work in gender terms, but hanging with Bill’s, they seemed to have that incredible lightness of being. Good contrast. And the clay people’s work was beautiful. The gallery owner didn’t hang all the pieces I wanted in the show, but she does hang a good exhibit and she’ll show the others later. She WILL. ha

Fun to meet Alex and his lovely wife, Julianna. They came in from Lamy for this opening and I suppose, others. Incredibly nice and both so talented. We discussed the hardship of shipping our works to and from Australia for our WB/HD exhibit. Alex’s are HEAVY  and even the smaller ones would be prohibitive to ship. Not sure what his decision will be. In any case….great to meet you in the flesh. You know, artists….this man is a tall drink o’water, as is beautiful Julianna. I felt like a short stuff next to them. I’m not, you know. =]


6 thoughts on “Santa Fe pre-opening and notes on opening

  1. Congratulations the work looks wonderful gallery looks great must be feeling happy.

  2. Hi Nolan,
    I enjoyed dropping by your show; your work looks great and it’s such a cool space. More than feminine, I got a sort of dreamy, nostalgic mood from the pieces selected; for some reason, I also see weather– hail storms, or snow, in a couple of your paintings. I like your use of color and mood in the little ones. It was lovely meeting you in person. Hope to see you again some time soon.

  3. Susan: I always love seeing my work up on gallery walls. My studio lighting is pretty poor and I never get to see so many all together unless in a big show. So, yes, it’s a delight to me. Thanks.
    Alex: Thanks for the ‘more than feminine’ comment. And it was just a treat meeting you and Julianna.

  4. Congratulations on your exhibition. Your work looks great. I may get a chance to go to Santa Fe and if so I will definitely see it in person.

  5. That would be great, Jacklyn. Up till May 25th. Gallery is located across the parking lot of Sanbusco…and behind the Jean Cocteau theatre. Hope you get there.

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