long way from homeThis is one of the pieces I’ll have at Unsettled for our WB/HD exhibit. It’s acrylic, crayon and graphite on paper. I still have to figure out a way to show it…no glass, that’s for sure. But maybe simply mounted on board and if I can afford a frame….that, too. On two pieces this size. 29.5×41″ or 75x104cm. The pieces going to Bundaberg….I love them (too) but they will be rolled canvases…48×18″ or 122x46cm. =] See the bridge b/w Bundaberg and NM? Do ya? ha. Blue/aqua…ALWAYS on the search for water in New Mexico.


6 thoughts on “LONG WAY FROM HOME

  1. Beautiful Nolan .. can feel this painting as intimate then can feel it as immense

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