Orange and green should never be seen.

This is not a final image, and there is more of a blue cast to this photo than reality, but this little piece happened alongside the last one. Always seems strange to be ‘counting’ but I think I need 3 more small pieces and 1 larger one to be ready for the Brisbane show. Counting is a bit scary as I seem to then ‘count on‘ a piece working each time. And they don’t always play along? Or is that just me?

And when one doesn’t work out at the pointy end of the preparation… well… there can be ranting, there can be excessive coffee intake (yes I do see the connection 🙂 ), there can be a high intake of potato chips, some serious mental flaying of self, and possibly/probably some tears. Or is that just me?

So, just for now I’ll enjoy that I’m happy enough to post this one today, and go line up the kettle, the chips and the tissues and move on to some sketches for the next few.

Orange Zone Grid Crossing‘ 50cm x 50cm / 19 x 19 inches



2 thoughts on “Orange and green should never be seen.

  1. Yes the connection is there but you will burn it all as you work your metabolic rate rises particularly when you are counting down to a deadline. Enjoy, thanks for sharing the process.

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