Life is GOOD!

Just a quick note because my Wednesday so far has been just fantastic. First: 7 javelinas in our yard this morn…they love our compost pile. 2 babies with them. Then 4 deer in the yard browsing. Then, I got to try my new knee brace (soft one) out in 18 games o’tennis and I passed! I can play once again without surgery. At least, that’s what I’m thinking today. Last evening I took this shot of our ring necked ‘pet’ dove, Petra. She landed on our pal, Gwynn Murrill’s sculptural (aluminum) hawk. Perfect. A dove to poop on the hawk. Now? Out to the studio to see if I really finished a small diptych yesterday…and check my Edna St. Vincent Millay poetry anthology for a proper title. dove and hawkI am one happy clam!seasons change siteI’LL MAKE IT EASIER. 8×16″ acrylic, oil, crayon and graphite on panels. SMALL.

5 thoughts on “Life is GOOD!

  1. I know, I know, AW….but the title just worked so well. May have to change it in the end, but…. Go to my FB page. Don’t know why it won’t click for large here. hmmmmmm. Aha….came back to edit this, AW. New title: I’LL MAKE IT EASIER. That’s from a new Maria Doyle Kennedy song. ooooooooo

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