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Have been away a while, with only intermittent internet!  Started these two little canvases. No names chosen for them yet but I’m thinking of myself in the role of ‘introduced species’. I think these will be for Unsettled as I’m apprehensive about sending encaustics just a little fearful the wax might rework itself along the way

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  1. I’m with Christine….love that fish ‘thing’…Both very nice. We haven’t had any problem with heat on a couple of wax/encaustic pieces we own, but we have had trouble with freezing. Cracked one open about 1/4″….but I can say it’s because the artist did not adhere the wax properly to the BACK, also. Remember, encaustics have been around forever and should be able to take HOT and COLD. We pushed ours to the limit and it sounded like a 22 pistol going off when it went. Though, putting it in our adobe during the summer months (storage area) brought it back together. haha.

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