it's all for you siteSo, I’m happy with this small painting; IT’S ALL FOR YOU. 18×18 inches or 46x46cm. Acrylic, oil pastel and graphite on panel. Over an older piece. The words on it are:

Time for the Show: With every word, with every stroke, with every chord…It’s all for you.

Need I say it’s about how we, as artists, put our hearts on our sleeves for the world to criticize, love, hate, wonder about…. We’re tough, no?


5 thoughts on “IT’S ALL FOR YOU

  1. Tough, Yes we are .. Curtains drawn and there we are owning up to our art, some applause some heckling, we love it heh Applause from me for this exciting piece and love the little hand heart on sleave from the wings

  2. Susan…when I do an abstract piece, then figure what it’s all about, I do like to finish some off with words. This was necessary for me for this one. Felt the need to drive the viewer into MY thoughts this time. though, I’m sure, they’ll figure something I didn’t think of. haha

  3. For some odd reason, Marlies, since I did a solo exhibit in 2010 of works with JUST circles and/or dots in them…no recognizable imagery other than them….I have been adding those circles and sometimes dots to everything. As I’ve told people….when I figure out WHY, I won’t feel the need to use them anymore (I guess). I don’t delve into why I do what I do too much. I simply do it.

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