Progress update….

Hi All. What’s going on – no blogs???? In the past week I managed to finish my two pieces for Las Cruces.  They just need to be framed, photographed, packed and shipped. So that’s hopefully happening in the first week of June.


This one (need to come up with a title, but it is a koala) is 20×30″, acrylic, collage and rhinestones on canvas


and the quiet one (Dingo) on half a sheet of Arches WC paper, 300gsm, walnut ink and collage.

For Bundy I have nearly finished my big piece (working title “KKK”), just needs a few more changes here and there. Not quite sure yet what the fourth piece will be….mmmm


but I still have enough rhinestones to play with (45000 pieces?). Don’t you love bling, well I do!


In August I have committed to an exhibition in Maryborough which was supposed to be my postage stamp pieces, but then these got selected for an exhibition at BRAG…now I have to come up with 15 or so new pieces for an exhibition called “Colour from My Mind”. Panic!!! It will all come together, somehow…That’s just one of them and it’s called “On the Fifth Day”, 1m x 1.5m, acrylic and mixed media on canvas


and as if I have nothing else to do, I couldn’t resist to start on another stamp collage for an art comp in Gladstone later in the year….


Apart from that normal life goes on….work, workshops, teaching, and the dreaded stocktake coming up in June!!!!

But next weekend I will be spending in Mount Perry with Adrienne, lots of art, cuddles with Sunday and a few glasses of red wine. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Counting the days.

Until then….


4 thoughts on “Progress update….

  1. Marlies when I first looked at the Koala collage I felt Asia, dream, beautiful papers, river through a forest, then soon as I read the word koala it materialised looking out at me saying hey Sue how could you miss me.

  2. Hi Sue, love your interpretation about the Asian feel. I just might go with that one. I did use Japanese papers and kept the colours very subtle. The koala is now an added bonus 🙂

  3. The colour play in Koala is so divine. Love it.
    Can’t wait for our Perry weekend, any WBHDII folks and support crew very welcome to visit.

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