Finally ready to ship!

O boy, o boy….a couple weeks later than I had hoped but it will go out in tomorrow’s post from RURAL New Mexico. Two canvases rolled up in sewer PVC pipe. =] Not to worry, Trudie and Jenny….it’s NEW and UNUSED sewer pipe. =]wbhd


4 thoughts on “Finally ready to ship!

  1. Yikes….$63. O well, about 20 more than I had expected. But, it’s on its way. (slightly underinsured…funny ’cause I was told it had automatic insurance up to $70.80….go figure). haha

  2. So jealous you’ve already sent yours out, Nolan. Probably a bit more due to the weight of the PVC pipe instead of a cardboard tube. I decided to go with much smaller work for Australia than I first envisioned. Gotta get it in the mail soon though.

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