Irons in the Fire

P1030837 P1030869 P1030877

Work has been taking the lions share of my time lately, managed to complete a series of open bowls on the weekend, the illustrations relate to the stories that I have based the mixed media works on. No 1 Woody Girl, No 2, “The Crows Nest” and No 3, “Hat Box for Richie” Lots to do. Plaster moulds drying, lead crystal glass ordered, panic setting in.




3 thoughts on “Irons in the Fire

  1. Gadzooks Trevor, the bowls are STUNNING! Can’t wait to see them cooked.
    Just keep repeating to yourself ‘AW hasn’t started yet, she is more behind schedule’.
    Eeeeeeek :-]

  2. Wow, these look beautiful. I may be in trouble if these are coming to Las Cruces. (financial trouble)

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