Company is King on the Queen’s birthday weekend

Here south of the Equator, in all our Commonwealth
glory, it is a long weekend for the Queen’s birthday
(which is actually later in the year). This means 3 days
of play and time to invite friends to workin Mt Perry. 033AW_stamps3hoursMarlies has come out for 2 nights, and today Jenny G joined us for a day of working. (Did you know that Jenny G is the initiator of this project?)

Several times we commented on the joys of company. Creating artworks is often a solitary experience, and today was a perfect working day with long periods of silence and the occasional ‘shall I make tea‘ (how terribly English of us). Dolly Parton with Linda Ronstadt sang to us through the day.

Yesterday Marlies showed me her tiny cup of cut stamps after 3 hours of scissorhands action. The intricacy and labour involved is astounding, and it’s so great to have art friends working in the studio. 034AW_stamps3hours

Senore Depp (sorry, again, to Pistol and Boo)  is looking amazing after Marlies pasted down all those beautiful cut shapes today. Jenny was working with old and new drawings as she and I are exhibiting about New Mexico later in the year at Gataker’s Art Space… managed by Trevor… the connections keep growing. 036AW_JennyGMarlies

Meanwhile, I spent yesterday tidying edges and adding names and D hooks to the other side of the canvasses and tomorrow I pack and drive them to Brisbane.

035AW_DhooksAnd we’ve had some great conversations, and it made us ponder how beneficial the occasional shared working experience is. How do you all feel about it? Do you enjoy sharing your working space with other artists? And would you like to work together when we are in Las Cruces. Perhaps the occasional day, here and there, could be a really enriching time?

Last but not least: the country birdsong and gentle breezes were peppered with the BAM BAM BAM of my staple gun as I stretched the first canvas for WBHD II. Finally, I have started, though the size of it did send me into a mild tailspin about where it was all going. And so it begins… 037AW_AWStarts


4 thoughts on “Company is King on the Queen’s birthday weekend

  1. Well, my studio is so packed with stuff I’ll have to make room for ya, Adrienne. But I’ll do it. No, I don’t work WITH others but I can work around you. haha. I’ve done ‘crafty’ things with others whilst sitting around and talking and laughing, but w o r k? Nah. I only ‘work’ with Future Islands, Glen Hansard or Bobby D. =]

  2. You’re always welcome to pop round to my studio for a visit and/or workday, Adrienne. And Marlies too. (And Jenny if you can fit her in your suitcase.) It sounded like a great time working together you three.

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