A really interesting process video…

This weekend Marlies brought our her new Fred Tomaselli book and this morning we watched a video of him talking about his work and process… it’s a really delightful interview and glorious work. It runs for 16 minutes if you click here.

His collage is so stunning and meticulous and I enjoyed his reference to finishing works and then wondering if he’ll ever create another good piece. “A few days of panic” he says.

039AW_ScribblesIt really made me pause and quell a little bit of my own panic and do some little scribbles of where I’d like to head next with the WBHD pieces. Then I ruled up some scaled down watercolour paper and set up the table so that when I’m back from the big city on Thursday I can lay down some simple watercolour and gouache and mess around with the yukkas and grass trees.

I really enjoyed Tomaselli’s words, so many thoughts resonated. Thanks Marlies for the introduction to him. And the car is packed and the Art Guard is ready for the big drive south.



6 thoughts on “A really interesting process video…

  1. Dang, that video/talk was BRILLIANT! Glad I finally took the time to get to it. Hope others do, too. And look at that sweet face. Ready to protect you and all that wonderful work. A gem. You, too, Adrienne. THANKS for that video. I even took a couple of notes in hope I remember them for future talks, haha.

  2. AW: I even emailed the link to Fred Tomaselli’s video/interview to other artist pals. I liked what he said even more than I ‘liked’ his art….but I really APPRECIATE his work. Again, thanks for sharing it with us and sorry it took me so long to get to it.

  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed it too Nolan. Isn’t it wonderful, it bears watching a few times. I have another one up my sleeve for you. Heeee

  4. And when you’re HERE, with no TV, we DO have films for you to watch. Old Charlie Rose interviews with Jim Dine and his beautiful wife….Chuck Close….

  5. No TV here either Nolan 😀 Wrapped it up and put it in the cupboard the year the studio was built. We watch bits on line, DVD’s, and I can bring you some great Aussie e-audio books on a USB. Love em.

  6. No e books, thanks. I LOVE to turn the pages of a REAL paper book. haha. Spend way too much time online as it is. When are you coming to the States? August or Sept?

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