Country road, take me home…

040AW_WideBayCreekAt almost the half way mark, driving back from Brisbane today after dropping off 12 paintings, I passed the Wide Bay Creek bridge. I’d never noticed the name before and couldn’t help but stop and take a dodgy phone snap. It made me think that the US artists might enjoy seeing some images of where we live, so here are a couple from today’s drive and I’ll take some in mind for a post about the wee town of Mt Perry over the next week.

041AW_PerryRoad01One of the last stints on the bitumen (tar) with a bucolic view of gums, a dam, and rolling Perry hills. The paddocks of grass are starting to brown off after mild frosts, but the grass is long and abundant in our cattle rearing region and it holds it’s nutrient for a long time.


In winter the sun is in our Northern sky. The final part of my drive from the big city crosses about 30km of dirt road over a couple of sections. It’s kept in good condition and the pot holes either side of the cattle grids are kept to a minimum. After a long drive, the dirt demands focus.

And to finish with a truly awful 70’s cultural exchange: our Olivia singing your John’s classic ‘Country Roads‘. Tee hee… click here 😀

Pictures of where you live?



4 thoughts on “Country road, take me home…

  1. Lovely, ms. Adrienne. When do you return for your opening? So exciting. But….get to work on those WB/HD paintings now. ha. Maybe that sign was to PUSH you. =]

  2. Ha! Yes Nolan, it must be a ‘sign’ hey. Starting the gouache sketches this morning and mixing up some watercolour consistency oils to play with too. The opening is on July 10, so a month away. Head will well and truly be in other work by then.

  3. It looks like a beautiful area, Adrienne. How did you make the mega picture? It kind of reminds me of the Uruguay countryside. We used to visit there in the summers, my wife’s family had a beach house there.

  4. It is lovely Alex. I use Adobe Photoshop, so I brought the 5 portrait phone snaps into a single photoshop file and tweaked their colours a bit. It’s a really handy photo editing program.

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