little painting. l i t t l e.

This one is called: STILL, THE MYSTERY. I started it because I was trying to anticipate the question I’d be asked about my work from a moderator at an artist’s panel last Friday at the Las Cruces Museum of Art where I have a couple paintings in an exhibit. Of course, I figured he’s ask about the circles/dots, so I spent awhile writing in my ‘sketch’ book about it and tried my darndest to come up with a proper reply. Naturally, he didn’t as me about them; instead about the texts I often times use in my work, haha. Even so, my own thoughts and notes had me do this little study. Don’t think I’ll go to a larger painting of it, but did enjoy this one. 12×12 inches/30.48×30.48cm. still, the mystery site


9 thoughts on “little painting. l i t t l e.

  1. He talked about my work, as he’d been to my website, then simply asked why I use text in some of my work. Answer is too long for a blog. But, basically….it helps me FINISH a piece once I know what it’s about. And if I use someone’s lyrics or poetry or my own writing, it helps the viewer. I’ve had other artists ask me to ‘give them a hint’…(by the way, I’d say both of us failed to ‘touch’ each other in those cases) so I began by using titles that somewhat explained what I was after. Now, because I love to write little thoughts, they, too sometimes get onto the paintings. I’ve also had a few artists tell me they don’t like text in paintings. Painting is enough, they say. Text muddies the water. sigh.Does it stop me? Nah.

  2. It comes naturally for you to use text, and I feel it gives your work something extra. Something special and personal that you give the viewer – (when you use it.) It is very generous of you to give in this way. And I feel sure you would have impressed the moderator with your honest replies. We really don’t have to ‘dress up’ our responses. But being articulate about our work can at times be a little harder for the regional artist as we don’t have quite as many opportunities to talk art. That is where the blog can be quite useful, if people embrace it. C x

  3. Nice one, Christine (ms. Articulate =)…. I know my enthusiasm and
    ‘passion’ come through when I talk about my art, so that makes up for my monosyllabic responses.

  4. Monosyllabic is fine . I hope you are enjoying making your works as much as we are enjoying seeing them. Your attention to the selection of titles and/or text is admirable, and does give us the hint that your artist friend suggested.
    Your work stands up under any sort of scrutiny . If I was to be monosyllabic about it I would just say…’wonderful’. C x

  5. haha, thanks, Christine, yet again. I would love to also be able to ‘write’….one of the reasons I put words / phrases / titles on the work. I’m good with about a sentence or two…then have to edit the heck out of it. I once had to write an artist’s statement and decided I’d try in 25 words or less. got it down to 26 words when my husband edited it to 19.

  6. What CT says, ditto, ci ci! The text is like an additional drawing layer hey? And when I see you use it Nolan it looks spontaneous, moving energy that is part of the other marks you’ve made in the piece which does make it ‘belong’… to me.
    Yes, useful HB’s, M has an excellent BS radar when he reads my statements, and he just put a new radiator in my car so I can get to work on Tuesday.

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