Start big, small, big, small, colour colour colour.

The big brush and the runny medium came out this week and I started flicking some base colours around for the first WBHD II piece. With limited time, it makes no sense to work on  a large piece. So that’s what I’ve commenced.

043AW_StartBig01044AW_StartBig02Starting with a little scribble, then a small colour study, then back to the big background and while it was drying, on to a full sheet of 300gsm Arches.045AW_StartBig03


In this piece I’m working around the Goondicum Crater which is near the grass tree site, and where Nearest works at a small ilmenite mine. From ilmenite comes titanium dioxide which is what makes titanium white paint (and is the white element in most art and house paints). On Google Earth the Crater is very distinctive (top right corner of pic).





Then came some scaling up, up, up to the big piece where I’ll cover quite a bit of that background (yes, with titanium white). Now it’s back to the Arches paper to do some more sketching and layering of, ahuh, titanium white. Nothing of value to show yet, but I’m enjoying thinking about what I’d like to ‘say’ with this exchange. Two pieces will be based around (titanium) White Sands National Monument and the yukkas growing around it’s perimeters.


3 thoughts on “Start big, small, big, small, colour colour colour.

  1. Fun to see the beginning stages, AW. BIG. Nice. And I always adore those small sketches of yours. Beautiful. Brava. Better ‘late’ than never, eh? haha. You’re not late, we were simply ‘early.

  2. It’s so easy to show the beginning bits hey, nothings gone awry yet. I find it hard to show unfinished, halfway stuff as it’s often so far from where it ends up. I love doing those little drawings. I’m so detached from needing an outcome and they often work well. I still can’t quite bring that to the way I work on big pieces. Not sure how to break through that other than by drinking too much wine! (oh, which I don’t do!) Will be fun working towards the show with Jenny, nothing bigger than 20cm high. And they’re pesky things, sometimes when I stay with people, they just drift out of my bag and float under pillows, and books and get left behind :-]

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