just for fun

Not painting on my 40×40″ canvas YET….got a JOB from a publishing house run by Benedictine monks….I am painting ‘portraits’ of The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Not an easy thing to do. My first attempt on Jesus looked JUST like Jared Leto (actor).That’s because I used him as a model, haha. Next I Googled ‘men who look like Jesus’ and the first one was Mr. Leto, haha again. But I made a mixture of Arab/ethnic faces. Mary? Harder. Can’t even show them to you because they haven’t been printed yet. But, suffice it to say I’ve not worked so hard for the money in years. But fun.


2 thoughts on “just for fun

  1. YEs, it was. Glad it’s over and out of my hands. I was also asked to do a ‘contemporary’ Last Supper based on DaVinci’s. NOT easy. Not enough $, either. But it’s finito, too. Now? 5 birthday cards and two are direct details from paintings, haha. I love the art director I work with via the monks. He’s so open to my potato prints….

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